If we ever find my world, it stands to reason that visiting Leaguers might need hero aliases to avoid being immediately arrested as vigilantes. To that end, I've put together a list of theoretical Quirk explanations and hero names for some of my colleagues.

Erza Scarlett
Armor Heroine: Scarlett Fury
Quirk: Re-Equip - A form of teleportation that allows her to instantaneously switch between support equipment.

Daenarys Targaryn
Fire-Proof Heroine: Stormborn
Quirk: Heat Resistance - The ability to withstand high temperatures and fire.

Emily Kaldwin
Regal Heroine: Shadow Empress
Quirk: Nyctokinesis - The ability to manipulate shadows and to transform herself into a living shadow.

Hermione Granger
Magic Heroine: Allura
Quirk: Matter Manipulation - Through a wand-like focus, she can transmute matter.

Sam Fisher
Stealth Hero: Echelon
Quirk: Sneak - He can become imperceptible, but he can only activate this Quirk when no one is watching. (Sorry Sam, you don't have superpowers, so we'd have to play off you skills as being super-powered).

Doom Slayer
Rage Hero: Doom Slayer
Quirk: Enhanced Athleticism - He possesses enhanced speed, strength, and endurance. (DS, if you're reading this, know that I could not improve upon your name. "Doom Slayer" is already perfection when it comes to hero names).